Placing a work under a Creative Commons licence (CC licence)

SUISA members can place their works under a CC licence subject to the following conditions:

  • the work must be registered with SUISA
  • all participating rightholders must be SUISA members

When placing a work under a CC licence, you should be aware that the licence is irrevocable.


Once you have finished filling in the form, print it out. Then have it signed by all entitled rightholders (SUISA members) and send it to us by post.

Address of applicant (tax residence) / Publisher's address (registered headquarters)

Delivery address (mailing address)
Registration of CC licence

Creative Commons licence:


Only works already registered with SUISA may be placed under CC licences.


By your signature, you confirm your consent to the free distribution of the work for non-commercial uses.

Signature of all rightholders

Please indicate all participating rightholders in the production and the works. The form must be signed by all the persons named.


Only forms that are completely filled in and duly signed by all participants will be taken into account.


Contact for queries

Please let us know who your contact is in case we have any queries regarding this application.

Confirmation of your details

Do you need any help completing this form?

+41 44 485 68 28

Members (Authors)

Do you need any help completing this form?

Do you need any help completing this form?

+41 44 485 68 28

Members (Authors)