Application to make music available in videos on websites and social media profiles

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Application for small companies

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Since you are a small company, please use the following form for the application of the use of music in videos on company websites and social media profiles.

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The customer shall be responsible paying the SUISA invoice as well as assume liability for it. For information on the legal domicile of the customer, you can use the Zefix-website.

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Number of videos

If you do not know exactly how many of your videos contain music, we shall assume that 75% of your total number are with music, and calculate your fees accordingly

Production budget

Already licensed (for music rights)
Potential additional costs

SUISA reserves the right to charge a minimum fee of CHF 50.- if the invoice has to be re-issued if only vague or incomplete information was provided in the form.

Contact for queries

Please let us know who your contact is in case we have any queries regarding this application.

Copy of your application

Please indicate the email address where we can send a copy of your application.

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Accepted data formats: PNG, JGP, JPEG, TIFF, TIF, BMP, PDF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, DOC, DOCX


Please only report changes in the number of videos if the new videos fall into another category.

Important note:

Please click only once on the send button and wait until the transmission of the form has ended. Clicking the send button several times leads to transmission errors.

Do you need any help completing this form?

+41 844 234 234 (8 Rp./Min)

Reproduction right

Do you need any help completing this form?

Do you need any help completing this form?

+41 844 234 234 (8 Rp./Min)

Reproduction right