First application for a serial commercial VN-A:
Recording on commercial audiovisual carriers for television broadcasts, movie theatre screening and/or use on the internet

Tariff VN

Information about the tariff


To file an application for a serial commercial, all preconditions must be met (Tariff VN - Article 15.1.1), namely:

  • at least 10 consecutive commercials for the same principal
  • the music, total duration of the commercial, duration of music in the commercial,  visual concept and sequence must be identical in all (at least) ten commercials making up the series

If the individual commercials in the series have different total durations (e.g. short and long versions), a separate application must be filed for each version (on different application forms).


For non-serial commercials, please continue to use the following application form.

Customer address (residence/legal domicile)

The customer shall be responsible paying the SUISA invoice as well as assume liability for it. For information on the legal domicile of the customer, you can use the Zefix-website.

Information on the company

Delivery address

Contact/reference on the invoice

Membership in professional/trade association

Advertising agency



Particulars of the serial commercial

You only need one SUISA number for all the language versions of any given serial commercial.

Music/Jingle in the serial commercial




Internet (Website/Social Media)

Manual work entry

Please indicate the first name and the family name for composers, lyricists and arrangers.

Work/Track 1

Work/Track 2

Work/Track 3

Work/Track 4

Work/Track 5


Please upload a file with all works used in the spot (e.g. track list, cue sheet).


Mandatory information required per work:

- Work title
- Composer (first name and name; if not known: band or performer)
- Used duration of the work (mm:ss)
- Type of the music used (commissioned music, pre-existing music or mood music)


Further information per work (if known):
- Lyricist (first name and name)
- Arranger (first name and name)
- Publisher


Accepted data formats:


Foreign serial commercial

Post producer of the Swiss version of the foreign serial commercial

Performance rights outside of cinemas or cinema-like establishments

The producer may, for himself and his principal, acquire a blanket licence of unlimited duration to show the production under the following conditions:
- Shows without entrance fees and outside of cinemas or cinema-like establishments
- Shows in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Note: Only a maximum of {maxSize} spots can be registered simultaneously!

Please list at least ten individual commercials making up the series.

SUISA number

Title / First broadcast

Potential additional costs

SUISA reserves the right to charge a minimum fee of CHF 100 if the invoice has to be re-issued if only vague or incomplete information was provided in the form.

Contact for queries

Please let us know who your contact is in case we have any queries regarding this application.

Copy of your application

Please indicate the email address where we can send a copy of your application.

Message / Document

Accepted data formats: PNG, JGP, JPEG, TIFF, TIF, BMP, PDF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, DOC, DOCX


Important note:

Please click only once on the send button and wait until the transmission of the form has ended. Clicking the send button several times leads to transmission errors.

Do you need any help completing this form?

+41 21 614 32 28 / 30

Licensing & Distribution Film (tariff VN)

Do you need any help completing this form?

Do you need any help completing this form?

+41 21 614 32 28 / 30

Licensing & Distribution Film (tariff VN)